Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement Template

A template is going to save you considerable time and effort. There is nothing worse than having to recreate the wheel every time you do something and it makes perfect sense to use a template to speed up your work and deliver better results on a daily basis.

If you are employing staff, you certainly need to implement an Employment Agreement. This agreement should be between them and your business and it needs to be clear and well defined. This is because the last thing you want to happen is for your employee to get upset and then take legal action against your company for whatever reason. The best thing you can do is make sure each of your team is engaged using an agreement that both parties have read and signed and agreed upon.

What exactly should be in this type of contract? Well, firstly you need to be aware of any laws in your country regarding employing people. It is likely these laws will override your agreement so it makes sense to line them up so they match. Then you need to put the basics in there. This might include hours of work, what their role is and how much they are going to be paid. After this, it is a matter of adding some other clauses to protect both you and the employee. This could be to do with dismissal and other situations that might arise.

Whatever you do, make sure you implement an agreement for each of your team members and get them to read it and sign it when they are happy. It could save a lot of headache in the future.

When buying an employment contract template to use for finalizing the terms of an employment relationship, there are four main things to look for. It is important that the template have these things, otherwise it may not be legally enforceable.

The first thing you should look for is space to identify the parties to the contract. This means the employer or company and the employee. You should be able to enter full names, company names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other relevant information. This is critical to determine who the legally recognized people in the contract are, and where they are geographically located. Location is relevant to the next item.

The second item you should look for is a choice of law and location in case there is a conflict that must be resolved in a court or through arbitration. This will say something like "this contract is governed by and subject to the laws of the state of X. Any disagreement over the terms of this contract shall be heard in a court of law or arbitration panel in the county of Y in the state of X." As you can see, if you don't look out for this you could be sucked into a lawsuit on the other side of the country or even in another country altogether!

The third consideration in an employment contract template is whether the parties are referred to as employer and employee or company and independent contractor. This is an important consideration, because the rights of an employee and independent contractor are very different. Employees typically get some form of benefits from the company, their income taxes are deducted automatically, perhaps there is a retirement plan or health plan, and the like.
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employment contract template

Employment Contract Template, Employee Contract Template, Employee Contract Template
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