Government Grants for Single Mothers For Education

Government Grants for Single Mothers For Education

Being aware of the difficulties arising from being a single mother trying to continue her education, the U.S. Government assists these mothers financially in addition to the help you may seek from private organizations and foundations.

You may seek a housing grant from the government as a single mother. Public Housing Agencies are where you can consult to obtain such a grant. From these agencies, it is possible to obtain a subsidiary to pay the housing rents. To get this subsidiary, the single mother has to demonstrate her need for financial assistance. It is necessary for the single mothers who are willing to obtain Public Housing Agencies to submit their applications to the nearest City Hall, where the applicant can also obtain the application form. Mothers who are not divorced or whose husbands are alive can also benefit from this subsidy if their husbands are disabled or seriously injured. You can also qualify for this subsidy even if you are not legally divorced from your husband. If you can demonstrate that you and your children have been abandoned for more than one year, this will make you eligible to apply for Public Housing Agencies.

Single parents are eligible to apply for government grants in other cases as well. One of these is the husband's being imprisoned. You can also seek help if at the time when the child was born the parents were not married. In addition, if the father of the child cannot be identified, this also qualifies for being eligible to apply for government grants aimed at single parents. Unfortunately, if the child has foster parents, or if the single parent's current partner is there to help to raise the child, the single parent is not eligible to apply.

It is also possible to receive government benefits if you are a single parent. None the less, there are also qualifications regarding your children to get a benefit. You will have qualified for many grants if you have a child who is below the age of 16. However, different grants may have different criteria for children, so you need to pay attention to them carefully.

You can also look for grants given specifically to minorities if you belong to a recognized minority group in the United States. For instance, Community Services Block Grant is awarded to state-recognized low-income Indian tribes. As long as you certify your financial need and claim that you will be using the aid for educational, housing, employment purposes, or for your other immediate and direct needs, you will be eligible for this grant. If you are a migrant worker, or the child of a migrant worker, you can benefit from grants such as Migrant Education-College Assistance Migrant Program.


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