Mobile Computing in Today's Industrial Scenario

Mobile Computing in Today's Industrial Scenario

Our industries today make use of more computers than ever. The advantages of automation make it hard for any business to ignore it completely. Computers are several times more efficient than humans at certain tasks and it would be a smart decision to make the best use possible. This would leave human minds free from boring and repetitive tasks, and in a position to brainstorm towards new and useful innovations. With the advent of the portable computer, we have a mobile workforce and with the internet and the Wi-Fi, we have one that is always just a few clicks away from any required information. This has brought a great deal of efficiency as well as effectiveness in almost everything we do. In a business scenario, this would mean a great use which is slowly being recognized by all industries.

Best Use of Time

With the ability to perform tasks irrespective of one's physical location, a great deal of time spent traveling could be saved. A professional in the household servicing industry, for example, will not have to travel to the office after every job in order to find out about the next one. With a tablet computer, he/she can readily access all the information and co-ordinate while on the move, which makes for the best use of the professional time. Architects, designers and anybody else who has to co-ordinate between field work and office work can find very good use for this computing model.

Quick and Effective Decisions

The success of any particular job lays in the ability to analyses the current situation and come up with relevant solutions. We need to have access to all the required information, in order to do so. This would be possible when we consider a mobile workforce that is connected to the internet. If we take the same example of the servicing professional, with access to all necessary customer and job related information, he/she can analyses the situation and come with the solution, probably while on the move. The portable computer can hence be of extensive use to so many professionals across our industries.

Industry Specific Solutions

Each type of industry would have a different set of needs as far as hardware and software are concerned. Computer manufacturers now make industrial tablets that take the need of the industry into consideration. Rugged tablets built for outdoor use, tablets specifically designed to survive abuse in the form of heat, shock and vibration are readily available in the market today. Tablets designed for medical professionals come with an anti-bacterial casing. The ability to be mounted on to a vehicle is one of the most useful and hence popular solutions for the warehousing industry.

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