The Importance of Computational Fluid Mechanics in Engineering and Science Applications

Especially in the last decade, there have been great advancements in almost all branches of sciences and engineering. Most experts would agree that the advent of computers and the internet has contributed to this a lot, since designing and analyzing any kind of a system has become more easier then ever. With various computer aided design tools, it...
Jan 14, 2015 |

The Evolution Of The Environmental Engineering Profession - The Demand Is Greater Than Ever

The population of the world is growing greater every day and it is no secret that the demand for vital resources is at an all-time high. This demand has created a significant effect on prices for fossil fuels and the resources like water, food and energy. The human impacts of daily living and construction on nature though have taken their toll...
Dec 5, 2014 |

To Help You Determine the Best Career Path for Chemical Engineering Jobs

Engineering is the science and an art, which has shaped our future and made human life more way more wallowing than ever before. Engineering as a science has branched into various other sub-branches which has allowed engineering professionals to concentrate all their efforts to their particular domain of engineering.
Dec 5, 2014 |

The Top Five Most In-Demand Engineering Disciplines For 2015 And Beyond

Engineers turn scientific theory and principle into practical applications. They plan and develop much of the modern world from electric motors and smartphones to ships, buildings and power plants. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that general demand for these professionals will grow by about 8.6 percent from 2012 to 2022. This is...
Dec 5, 2014 |

Have You Noticed: Civil Engineering Professionals Are In Demand

As a professional recruiter that has been working in the construction, engineering and environmental industries now for 20 years. I have had the opportunity to recruit 100's of entry to senior executive level civil engineering professionals around the world.
Dec 5, 2014 |

Top Reasons Why Engineering Degrees Are More Preferred These Days

As you grow older, your interests may suddenly change because you may discover that career prospects have to be practical, especially when you want to have a family. You want to be financially stable. In today's world, certain careers take off better than other careers. This means that they not only pay more but that they present more opportunities...
Dec 5, 2014 |

Centurion Controls, Inc.

Centurion Controls provides industrial automation and systematic process control integration to help you produce twice the volume in half the time.
Sep 25, 2008 |

Hezbollah buries militant Qantar, says Israel will be held accountable

Lebanon's Hezbollah group said on Monday that Israel would be held accountable for killing prominent militant Samir Qantar in an air strike in Syria, and accorded him an elaborate funeral of... Read More

Russia says black box from warplane downed by Turkey unreadable

Investigators in Moscow said on Monday they were unable to retrieve information from the damaged black box of a Russian warplane shot down by Turkey last month, data the Kremlin hoped would support... Read More

Exclusive: U.S. glossed over Oman's human rights record during Iran talks

By Jason Szep, Matt Spetalnick and Yara Bayoumy WASHINGTON/MUSCAT (Reuters) - As the United States negotiated this year’s nuclear pact with Iran, the State Department quietly agreed to spare the... Read More